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A Shopify Store Theme v Integrity Commerce® Theme

A Shopify Store Theme v Integrity Commerce® Theme
Shopify Store Theme Integrity Commerce® with built in AAP®

Built by individual web designers who are not SEO or ecommerce search marketing experts.

Integrity Commerce® has been designed, developed and engineered by award winning ecommerce search marketing specialists who have been helping retailers maximise organic performance since 2010. On average, we increase annual year on year revenue for our clients by an average of 295% and we work with some of the largest retailers in their sectors.
Lack of performance responsibility. Theme store developers don't take responsibility for how well your site performs in the search engines once it goes live, we do.
Feature overloads that slow your store down. Developers overload themes with unnecessary features, functionality and assets that slow your store down. Integrity Commerce® is built for maximum speed performance across all devices. This theme's page load speed is under 1 second.
Severe technical SEO issues that hinder organic performance. Integrity Commerce® fixes major technical SEO issues with the Shopify platform including keyword, content and metadata duplication as well as pagination and canonicalisation issues that significantly improve organic visibility, rankings, traffic and revenue.
Lack of fast, professional support. Integrity Commerce® is supported by a UK based support team of Shopify and search marketing experts. We take pride on the first class email and telephone customer service support that we provide for our clients.
Lack of bespoke development support. Individual theme developers don't have time to support their theme users and offer additional, bespoke web development and design services to their clients, we do.
No additional search marketing services. As well as web development services, we offer and extensive range of award winning search marketing services including SEO, PPC, Product Feed Optimisation, Google Shopping Feed Optimisation, Google Merchant Feed Integration & Website Migration to help grow your online retail business.
Themes are not algorithm aligned. No other Shopify theme in the world, other than Integrity Commerce® has our unique, built in AAP® technology which will keep your store aligned with Google's, algorithms, quality guidelines and known ranking factors that will 'supercharge' your organic performance and revenue.

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