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Shopify App For SEO: Integrity Commerce® with AAP® Technology

Shopify App For SEO: Integrity Commerce® with AAP® Technology

Every single Shopify app for SEO in the app store [54], is reactive to technical SEO issues. What if you could save $1000's per year by dealing with the roots of the problem with just one specially designed theme for SEO?

The biggest technical SEO issues facing a Shopify store owner that hinder organic performance are:

  • Page load speed
  • Uneditable product filter pages
  • Keyword conflicts and canibalisation 
  • Metadata duplication
  • Content duplication
  • Pagination issues
  • Incorrect canonical programming 
  • 3rd party apps

The way your Shopify theme was technically designed and engineered at the beginning of your design process will determine how well you Shopify store can perform in the search engines, it's a simple as that. 99.9% of Shopify store owners buy a theme based on looks and features and functionality. That's all well and good, but if you want to get ahead of the competition in the search engines and you want your store to perform organically, then you need to have the right technical SEO foundations.

If you're a Shopfiy store owner and you're not getting the organic visibility, rankings, traffic and revenue that you expected to, or you have recently migrated to Shopify and have experienced a significant drop in organic sales and revenue, then you need to ask yourself the following questions because the answers to your problems will be in the replies to these questions:

Where did you buy your theme from?

Who designed your theme?

Who built & developed your theme?

What level of SEO expertise do they have?

How have they deal with product filter page metadata & content duplication?

How have they dealt with a canonical strategy specific to your products?

How well did they design your hierarchical structure to avoid duplication conflicts and penalties?

How well did they optimise your images?

How well have they programmed your Structured Data? 

How well have programmed your Open Graph metadata?

AAP Technology® is a suite of highly sophisticated technical SEO features that we have built into our theme so that you don't need to purchase additional SEO apps once your Shopify store has gone live, saving you $1000's per year. These features are aligned with Google's latest algorithms, quality guidelines and 200+ known ranking factors to help significantly improve your organic performance.

Mobile-First Design

Fast loading, mobile-first & responsive designs engineered for the best possible UX on all devices. Current page load speed is under 1 second.

Valid HTML5 Markup

We use the most up-to-date HTML5 markup to ensure full compatibility across all modern browsers and devices.

Optimised JavaScript Code

Streamlined and optimised JavaScript code so unnecessary, heavy duty assets don’t slow your site down.

Cutting Edge CSS

This theme uses the latest cutting edge technology built around the Twitter Bootstrap framework for dynamic, creative & optimised page layouts.

Fully Compressed Assets

We compress and minify all JavaScript and CSS files used in in the theme to aim for page load speed under 1 second.

Optimised Canonical Programming

Our unique canonical programming completely eliminates site-wide duplication issues.

Optimised Product Filter Pages

Our optimised product filter pages ensure that your site has no collection page duplication issues.

Structured Data Markup

Enhance your appearance and click through rates in the search engines with built in Structured Data Markup.

Open Graph Markup

Optimise content promotion outreach potential across social networks with built in Open Graph Markup.

Standard Product Filters

AAP® Dynamic Product Filters

Our unique product filter technology allows larger retailers in fashion & jewellery, home & garden, sport & leisure, technology and other sectors with large, complex inventories of brands and product types to dynamically generate and optimise 1000's and 1000's of indexable product filter pages with unique URL's, metadata, H1's and content like no other.  Due to the complex nature and configuration requirements of this technology, this feature is only available with our Shopify web design services. 

If you'd like a Free Shopify Theme audit so that you can understand how well your store can or can't perform organically, performed by Shopify SEO Experts then please do get in touch today.



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