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The Situation

Before using the Integrity Commerce® Shopify Theme, used a well known theme that they had bought and customised out of the Shopify Store. It had its own built in product filter system. 

The Challenge approached us to help them identify why after 2 years, they had seen no organic rankings or revenue growth whatsoever. As with so many other Shopify stores we have worked with over the years, Google Ads was their only high performing channel. 

The Solution

As we do for all Shopify store owners, we offered a free SEO & Theme audit to identify issues that were hindering the stores organic performance and revenue in the search engines. The audit identified the standard technical SEO flaws we have identified on so many other occasions with Shopify: product filter page duplication issues, keyword, content and metadata duplications which were penalising their rankings, pagination duplication issues and a toxic link profile.

We had 2 choices. Option 1 was re-engineer and customise an 'off the shelf' Shopify Theme which had been butchered for 2 years with all kinds of unnecessary apps, features and functionality [just because they were trendy at the time] or, we had Option 2 which was to rebuild them a bespoke theme from the ground up, fixing all major technical SEO issues with the Shopify platform that were possible with our expert knowledge of SEO. We chose Option 2.

The more we developed their theme, the more we realised that wouldn't be the only Shopify website in the world suffering with the same 'organic' performance issues. We identified the need for a Shopify Theme that was engineered by SEO experts; built to perform in the search engines and not just look good aesthetically. As far as we can see, every Shopify theme developer in the world focuses on design and functionality and not performance. Integrity Commerce® was developed to change that. had was completely migrated to the Integrity Commerce® Theme by the 1st of March 2019. 

The Results

The performance results speak for themselves.

1 - Page Load Speed Under 1 Second

Pingdom page load speed test

2 - Technical SEO Issues Reduced by 112,990

Major technical SEO issues hindering organic performance were reduced significantly with a couple of weeks.

3 -  Organic Visibility Increased 21.39% 

Within just 2 weeks of the site going live, saw massive 21.39% increase in organic visibility.

Organic Visibility Chart

 4 - Organic Revenue Up 76.88% Year on Year 

By the 30th of March 2019, like for like, year on year organic sales were up 28.6%.

organic channel performance


"We're absolutely delighted with the instant organic sales growth this theme has given us and finally we have a theme that has been built by an SEO agency that knows about growing organic sales."

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